Air Pollution in the ‘Capital’: CPCB to Implement an Emergency Action Plan Soon

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Breaking News: Government Increased Customs Duty on 17 Items including Telecom Equipment and Smartwatches

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Dual Citizenship in India: Is it allowed?

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“Indian army is thе only army which usеs infantry wеapons whеrе thе Amеricans and thе Israеlis would havе usеd a lasеr guidеd bomb” – Major. Gaurav Arya.

A powеrful еconomy rеsidеs undеr a powеrful military sеcurity! Thе British rulе affected unity amongst diffеrеnt communions throughout thе country with thеir policy of “Dividе and Rulе”, in 1947, to which thе rеligious fundamеntalists fеll prеy. Sincе thеn India and Pakistan became rivals.

Thе commonеrs and businеss intеrеsts on two sidеs yеarn pеacеful rеlations amongst thе countriеs, whilе thе govеrnmеnts, prеfеr to maintain advеrsarial rеlationship, which now sustains cе....Read More

Mob Lynching: A question mark to the Rule of Law

When intolerance increases, discrimination perpetuates and therefore a group of perpetrators cease to recognise a fellow human being as the member of their moral group, giving them an illusion to legitimise their cruelty and take justice into their hands which in turn results in, what we infamously call ‘Lynching’. Many a time it takes the colour of cow vigilantism and mob violence. Failure of the executive and legislature to

Mob Lynching: A question mark to the Rule of Law

curb these extra-judicial killings is now questioning the ‘Rule of law’ in our country.

At least 78 people have been lynched since 2015 in cow-related and other similar mob attacks. At least 158 mob attacks have taken place since 2015. The increase in such incidents has demanded a separate law for ‘Mob Lynching’ as it cannot support t

e existing law of our criminal justice system. A separate law is essential as lynching begins with the intent of discrimination of marginalised groups. Henceforth, such discriminatory elements are not found anywhere in the existing laws. Unless a separate law is in place, this exercise of power would weaken the concept of rule of law.

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Breaking News: Government Increased Customs Duty on 17 Items including Telecom Equipment and Smartwatches

The government has decided to increase the customs duty from 10% duty to 20% on 17 items including telecom equipment and smartwatches. This decision was made to cut the current account deficit, according to a notification released by the Finance Ministry on Thursday night.

It would be effective from October 12, according to a notification in the (CBEC) central board of excise and customs.

Other items which saw a hike include air conditioners, washing machines (weighing 10 kg or less) and refrigerators. Moreover, the speakers, footwear and compressors saw an increase of 10% and 25% respectively. Also, the dusty on radial car tyres increased from 10% to 15%. However, coloured gemstones, semi-processed diamonds and lab-g....Read More



India beat Sri Lanka to clinch U-19 Asia Cup

It was quite helpful for the spinners. I was sticking to my basics and planning with the captain. It was enjoyable out there. Hats off to all our staff members and our coaches. With our video analyst we had a video that helped us on where to bowl. Always a great opportunity for the youngsters to play here, I would like to thank

the ACC for organizing this tournament.

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